Nudge towards success

How do you reinvigorate a welcome campaign for an industry super fund grappling with a changing brand identity – and still empower new members to take action for their future? You deploy strategic smarts rooted in behavioural economics to nudge them in the right direction.

Scope of work

  • Strategy
  • Customer journey
  • Concept, design and delivery of eDM onboarding program

The Job

Having recently announced a merger with Aware Super, VicSuper was managing change at every level. High on their list was revising an email onboarding program that left members confused and unmotivated to do simple things that could make their super work more effectively.

Our job was to find all the pieces of the eDM onboarding puzzle and put them together in a way that made sense for our client and their new members. Importantly, we needed to encourage members to take meaningful action on tasks like consolidating multiple super accounts to improve their super outlook.

Here’s how we did it.

Making the complex simple

Super isn’t always easy. We used smart design and well-tailored copy to make sure every step was crystal clear for our audience.

  • Progress bar showed where the member was on their journey
  • Clear, short, benefit-driven headlines made the important info easy to read
  • Chunkable design made it easy to digest

Making it relevant

We used a range of signals to flag why the communication mattered to the member.

  • Age-targeted imagery for each segment
  • Prominent personalisation
  • Case studies of highly relatable situations demonstrated benefit

Nudging action

Behavioural economics underpinned our approach to encouraging action.

  • A single CTA and focus for each email
  • Time stamps and references to create a sense of ease and urgency
  • Instructions framed as steps to encourage completion

Nudging towards the future

Our visual approach helped move the VicSuper brand closer to Aware Super, while still retaining a distinctly VicSuper look and feel.

Great results

Implementing the new onboarding program has contributed to significant increases in FUM – and more engagement from members.